Healing Hope Services

“Everything will change when your desire to move on exceeds your desire to hold on”
-Alan H. Cohen

Life Transitions Counseling and Consultation
Party Event Consultant
Certified Nurturing Program Facilitator
LiveStrong/CRI Cancer Prevention Fellow

Judith with Healing Hope Services offers mentorship, counseling and consultation for individuals, couples, families and organizations to attain their goals. She offers life transitions support during these junctures in one’s life. She welcomes you wherever you are in your journey for growth.

Prices are negotiable to meet the needs of her clients.

Full acceptance is her motto

Judith offers pragmatic practices with a spiritual bent to ease the pain during the tough times of life. These junctures may be a an employment change, a marriage, death of a loved one, a divorce, a health crisis of oneself or a loved one, a conversion or a coming out;  all these transitions require an adjustment.

Healing Hope Services also offers consultation services for your events and celebrations.

Judith has been offering these services for over three decades. She is based in Madison, Wisconsin, however, she offers a variety of ways to meet to get your job done. She’ll meet you online, on the phone, in your home, in your workplace, a cafe or in her office space.

Judith is here to serve whatever your needs are today for your growth tomorrow.