Judith with Healing Hope Services uses many tools to support and enable individuals with the sense of feeling, “Yes I Can” Getting to know something about your Counselor/Consultant is the 1st step in choosing the right match for your personal and professional goals. Judith Herstand cares about her profession because she believes in people, their worth and their amazing capabilities.  She has lived her life with vim and vigor using her skills for over three decades as a Professional Counselor.  Judith has worked as a school guidance counselor, opening an elementary school after 25 years of being closed, creating their guidance program for elementary school age children. Judith has worked as a crisis intervention counselor providing individual sessions along with group work for individuals and families. She has used the mindfulness approach to her counseling, even before the buzzword for mindful work became professionalized. She learned this work, she says “from her grandmother, Joya- Judith Chicorel, which happens to be her namesake. Judith mentions she spent many days talking with her paternal grandmother about her lifetime in Izmir, Turkey.

Judith, also attributes her work to her maternal grandmother, Anna Levin who travelled to the USA from Lithuania with an 10 year old son, Judith’s mother’s older brother. My mother, Sedel Levin Chicorel is why I chose to “go public” with my Healing Hope Services work because she would have been gone from my life for 30 years in June, 2012. I do believe, I learned at a very early age that our lives are here for just a moment; that we have the opportunity to cherish those close to us, & I do believe I will meet up with those who have gone before me when it’s my time. I just hope it will be a very long time from now, she says with a great smile!

Joining forces with the Livestrong Foundation & the Canyon Ranch Institute, led by Dr. Richard Carmona, former US surgeon General, Judith states,”I was privileged to work with the initial health and wellness research that has set forth societal awareness in policy making for cancer prevention”.

Judith’s love of labor on the Kibbutz in the seventies to the Ranch in Tucson has influenced her belief in cooperative collaboration in the workplace.   Judith also studied with Swami Gitananda in Southern Spain at the Ananda Ashram &  Yogi Shantananda in San Francisco during the seventies. She has a global approach to her counseling and consultation.