Judith knows healing is so much easier with a sense of hope.

 Healing Hope Services expresses organizational planning using creative talents for a Win-Win outcome!

“It Takes a Village to Raise a Child” – African proverb

Judith deeply believes whether it’s your organization, your child or yourself,

It takes a Village to forge forward

Judith knows healing is so much easier with a sense of hope. A cancer survivor herself, she likes to say “we are all survivors of life.” Sharing our lives with others in the good times as well as the bad times is what makes life worth it!  Music and dance in her family has influenced her world.

The supportive community of teachers, family, and friends have contributed to the success of her family.

Caring for family and friends is the basis for goodwill. She and her spouse recently celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary. While she and her husband were in their honeymoon year, Judith was featured in an article, “From LaLa Land to Reality” which discusses the 1st year of marriage. She learned at an early age that without a good sense of humor, life is just no fun. Judith was quoted as saying, “marriage is no LaLaLand.” At that time in her life, Judith was a Career Counselor with Jewish Vocational Services-Milwaukee.

Now, a common quote of Judith’s, known by her close family, friends and colleagues is “enough already” , she offers with with a smile, knowing hope, friendship in a supportive community offers great healing!

However, a native of Detroit, Michigan, before meeting her husband, she had lived and worked in California, Wisconsin, Alaska, & Israel. She loves to travel, learning from & assimilating into the cultures of the communities where she resides.